About us

Googlefight is a game that works like this:

- You enter two queries (eg "me" versus "you"). It can also be expressions ("novak djokovic" versus "roger federer").
- The site calculates, using a special algorithm, a "Google visibility score" for both. This score takes into account the number of results returned by Google on its search engine for each of these queries but also the search volume (the number of times each query is typed each month).
- The winner is the one which gets the best visibility score.
- A query's score is relative to the one of the opposite fighter. A single query can therefore obtain different scores depending on the keywords with which it fights...

The data are provided by YOODA INSIGHT

Googlefight was originally designed by several friends (Sébastien, Frank and Olivier). This new version is conceived by Olivier.

Notice that Google has given us permission to use his name in 2002 (more information here, french version - english version by automatic translation). However, this site is not affiliated or sponsored by Google.

The PHP developments are made by the always brillant Brian Bondet.
The logo was created by the master Pierre-André Cousin.
The "Social media icons" are provided by Martz90.

Thanks also for translation : Frank Chapaveire (Romania), Sebastien Jehlen (Italia), Mariette Galipot (Germany), Isabelle Schoepfer et Freddy Staath (Alsace), Xavier Cabrera (Spain), Gisèle Taelemans (Netherlands).

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